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    The Eskemm Company has been created on the 4th of August 2004, under the associative form (law 1901) and is actually based in Lorient, Brittany, France.


    Artistic approach


    The Eskemm Company is born from the meeting between Fadil Kasri, Hip-Hop choreographer and dancer, and Karine Le Bris, Contemporary choreographer and dancer. They create in 2003, ESKEMM (which means “exchange” in Breton), eponym production and the foundation of the company. In the beginning, their artistic approach focuses on the search of a common writing between their two aesthetics, but since that time, the two choreographers have enlarged their practice by crossbreeding all kind of artistic medium (music, visual arts, texts, marionette …) which extend their gestures.

    To confront the dance to others artistic languages, to question our place in the heart of the society, to shove conventional images, going closer and closer to all publics (on stage or outdoors) by focusing primarily on the exchange, those are the fundamentals working axes of the choreographers.

    In their repertory, the company presents social commitments productions through various forms and formats which question our connection to each other, to the humanity, to the world.

    Through the 14 years of its existence, the company didn’t cease to develop and to create their identity inside the regional and national choreographic landscape, particularly with the help of the “Grand Théâtre de Lorient” - Scene agreement with dance–


    3 strong axes characterize the company’s actions:


    The Creation Part :

    The company has, until today, 10 productions and 1 performance in his repertory.  Solos, duos, Contemporary and Hip-Hop dancers, various artistic collaborations on stage or during its creation, productions for the young and all kind of publics, the creations are diverse but they always kept as directive line : meeting each other and exchanges.

    The number of representations per season goes from 30 to 50 dates for all productions. The shows are distributed in Brittany and nationally, in multiple places (cultural center, festivals, nationals stages …), the choreographers’ strong desire being to open the dance to everyone and, by then, breaking down the archetypes.


    The Cultural Actions :

    The Eskemm Company dedicates a great part of its activities to cultural actions (with gatherings around the creations, for example) and to the choreographic culture in general.

    Those actions have different forms and are directed to all kind of publics. It could take place before the distribution (consciousness-raising workshop), during residencies (dance rehearsal in public), or with territorial actions towards non – professional publics (projects which is leading generally to a production). They are generating many occasions to create bounds with the cultural actors and the public of a specific territory.


    The “Danses à Kerhervy” festival :

    The Eskemm Company organized every two years in July, a dance festival on an exceptional place outdoors in front of the “Ships Graveyard” in Lanester (Brittany, France). The strong directive line of the festival is to be a meeting point for professionals and non- professionals, both by the programming and the numerous cultural actions displayed during the festival. Four editions have been taking place, in 2009 (2 days), in 2011 (4 days), in 2013 (3 days), 2015 (4 days) and 5 days in 2017. The next édition will take place from july 2019.

    The objectives are to take part in the distribution of professional company’s shows, to encourage the non-professional creation, to promote public coeducation, to develop pooling resources with the partners and to federate cultural actors, all of this in a unique and convivial environment.



     Career :


     Karine Le Bris

    Karine Le Bris

    Contemporary dancer, she began her learning from the age of 7, first in Classic, then in Jazz with Pamela Harris, in Lorient, her hometown. During her formation for the state diploma in Nantes, she discovered Contemporary dance with Sylvain Richard (CNR, Rennes). She keeps on working, since then, with that aesthetic.

    While teaching (DE Jazz in 1992 – DE Contemporary in 1997), she kept on learning, in contact with renowned choreographers and teachers as Peter gross, Serge Ricci, Corinne Lanselle, etc. She approached the Feldenkrais method as well.

    From 1990 to 1993, she danced for the Calabash Company (W.Barbaste) and “Blue Note” (P.Harris).

    She took place as a choreographer and performer for theater production, opera for children, worked with a circus company and was an actress for the “Théâtre de l’Echange” (Pont-Scorff - 2000).

    In 1998, she built, with Pamela Harris, the Volte Face Company. She created “Gare à vous”, “Tentations” and “Placebo”.

    In 2003, she met Fadil Kasri, Hip-Hop dancer. They created the same year, “Eskemm”, a production which made a decisive step in her professional career.

    Since then, she’s building a reflection on artistic creation that she wants filled with social commitments, open minded, accessible, while developing her own material, a personal gesture, her dancing. She takes place in the cultural actions linked to her artistic approach. To create, to stimulate exchanges, to provoke meetings, all this are a huge source of inspiration.

      Fadil Kasri

    Fadil Kasri

    Born from an Algerian and Breton family, he’s part of the first generation of Hip-Hop dancers. Self-learning dancer, he built his career from workshop and meetings with dancer-choreographer: Yasmin RAMANHI (HB2), Farid BERKI (Melting Pot), Frank II Louise, Popin TACO (USA), David COLAS. Those steps have given to him a better understanding of his choreographic language and to extend it.

    From 1994 to 1999, he danced with the Vital Swing and MAC.H, two companies from Rennes, who are working for a better mind opening to Hip-Hop.

    In 2000, he integrated the Moral Soul Company, based in Brest (directed by Herwann ASSEH) for the show “Les Emigrants” (Quartz - national stage of Brest – Les Antipodes festival – 2001) and for a first version of “OSE” (Quartz - national stage of Brest – les Ateliers Contemporains- 2003).

    Since then, he shared his activities between work of creation (“2M2 de Peau”, “Parade Hip-Hop” 2003, 2004, 2005, during Les Renc’Arts – Brest) and consciousness-raising workshops for diverse public.

    In 2003, his meeting with Karine LE BRIS made a decisive step in his professional career.

    It gave him the possibility to develop a more personal approach of his dancing: to shout and to shove the conventional images of Hip-Hop, to melt and to shift his language toward other artistic universes, these are now his priorities.