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      Creation for Young and All Publics


    The encounter between dance, juggling and ..

    The body theater

    Piece for 2 dancers Choreographer:

    Fadil Kasri // Pierre Jallot

    Following the shared experience around the Ring des Corps (creation of Eskemm Cie 2014), Fadil Kasri and Pierre Jallot wished to continue their collaboration in the form of a male duo this time. The essence of the project is in an already existing duet in the "Ring of the Bodies". The aspect both sensitive and playful that emerges from this scene motivated Fadil and Pierre to develop and question this relationship man to man, and this, through two bodies and two paths of very different artists.


    What happens when a hip hop dancer and a juggler meet on stage? How can they interact, exchange or fight each other even though they do not start from the same codes? How can a duo be born in these conditions? These are the questions that are at the heart of the research of Fadil and Pierre and they will try, despite the singularity of their artistic practice and their career, to meet through dance and play. They will sometimes agree, sometimes to confront each other, but always in listening, in the desire to exchange and to get to know each other better.

    Contest is an extension of the exploration of the body of the two performers. The report of the dancers will question the nature of the possible relations between two men through the touch, the physical relation, the competition, the game, the complicity, the fraternity, the unspoken ones or the modesty. On the other hand, other types of more radical relations will also be approached in the research, namely the relationship of domination, the capacity to hold on to the other or conversely the union ".

    Contest is a challenge, a permanent dialogue and a human reconciliation. It's about two men facing each other and facing themselves. Two physical, two personalities with different universes who walk towards a fraternal meeting, powerful and poetic. A path towards the acceptance of the other, leading also to question their limits. Contest is finally a game between two men, a game of challenges, provocations, bluffing, confidences, improbable dialogues and ... dance.





    Désign : Pierre JALLOT (Cie mO3), Fadil KASRI (Cie Eskemm)

    Choreography: Pierre JALLOT// Fadil KASRI

    Performers: Pierre JALLOT, Fadil KASRI

    Choreography assistant: Karine LE BRIS

    Outside look : Franck GUIBLIN (Cie Arenthan)

    Light design: Stéphane BROSSE


    Duration : 45 minutes



    The French institut of Moroco à Oujda,

    The Mac Orlan - Brest (Brittany, France)

    Cie mO3 (Brittany, France)



    The hermine - Térritorial scène for dance - Sarzeau (Brittany, France)

    The Lucarne - Arradon (Brittany, France)


    Autres partenaires :

    Theater ofLorient - Lorient (Brittany, France)

    Space the Vallon - Landivisiau (Brittany, France)

    Space Bleu Pluriel - Trégueux (Brittany, France)

    In the town of Robert - Pordic (Brittany, France)

    The Horizon - Plédran (Brittany, France)


    The Regional Council of Brittany

    The General Council of Morbihan

    The City of Lorient